Quality Axminster and tufting carpets by Lano

Lano was founded as a company when three Belgian textile makers with over 100 years of experience merged in 1970.

With its ability to manufacture fitted carpets, woven carpets and artificial grass well established, Lano expanded its product range to include Axminster woven flooring as well as tufted carpet rolls in order to provide optimal solutions for large objects.

Lano is an environmentally conscious company. Every production process is carefully monitored for its environmental impact. This applies for all business activities, starting with the selection of the raw materials and extending to the reduction of energy consumption, minimisation of production stoppage rates, recycling systems and emission reduction measures.

SmartStrand consists of 37% natural starch from regenerating plant matter, reducing our consumption of limited natural resources - this is the most environmentally friendly yarn available on the market today. It is good to know that a carpet can be beautiful, soft and durable without damaging our wonderful planet.


More information at www.lano.com

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