Woven vinyl flooring from Belgium

2tec2’s products embody the passion, inventiveness and skill for which Belgian design is renowned. A service that satisfies the most demanding customers worldwide is one of the company’s features.

The manufacturing process is constantly improved. The result is an environmentally friendly product of the highest quality that is always adapted to a variety of spaces: work spaces, restaurants and hotels, healthcare, public facilities or shops.

Why choose 2tec2? The specially designed backing of their flooring materials is called Acoustic Comfort Backing. It absorbs 70 per cent of footfall noise, so that footsteps are barely audible. Ideal for conference rooms on management floors or for hotel lobbies.

The production cycle is completely integrated in a central location. This allows 2tec2 to avoid harmful CO2 emissions from transport. They also use solar energy and heat recovery systems in all steps of their manufacturing, making them less reliant on fossil fuels.

But sustainability is not just about the manufacturing process. It is also a matter of the materials used. 2tec2 undertakes to use sustainable materials and manufactures without resorting to phtalates or heavy metals.

To reduce waste as much as possible, they have invested heavily in pre- and post-consumer recycling. Currently, the Acoustic Comfort Backing is made of recycled materials; the aim is to produce all their products from recycled materials in the future.


More information at www.2tec2.com

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