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Modulyss designs and manufactures modular carpet tiles for large buildings and differentiates itself from its competitors through products of the highest quality. The company’s policy is based on quality and sustainability.

The product range offered by Modulyss includes both innovative developments and established solutions. They only use quality raw materials that ensure that the products are particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

ECONYL, ecoBack and CO2RE are important contributions to sustainability.

The ECONYL® Regeneration System is currently the most efficient industrial system worldwide for manufacturing nylon 6 from 100% regenerated waste material.
With this pioneering process, yarns and carpets that have reached their end of life, as well as the drifting fishing nets collected by Healthy Seas®, can be regenerated into top-grade nylon. The recycled nylon yarn, called ECONYL®, has the same properties as new nylon made from fossil fuels. The yarn is used to manufacture our sustainable carpet tiles.

ecoBack is a backing coating made with recycling in mind. This backing consists of a polyolefin-based layer with min. 75% recycled material and is 100% free of bitumen and PVC.

ecoBack is 25% lighter than other backings but offers the same acoustic values and even better dimensional stability. The low weight of the carpet büacking rüesults in (up to 16%) less CO2 and fine particle emissions as well as lower fuel consumption for the transport of the carpet tiles. After the end of its life, ecoBack can be recycled into a new top-grade backing.

CO2RE is valid for all Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products and is offered for all of the Modulyss carpet tile collections upon request. The remaining greenhouse gases for your project are calculated. This value is converted into a CO2-equivalent, for which credits are purchased. With these credits, Modulyss supports a certified climate project in the amount of the full CO2 equivalent.


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