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Pictures: © Grassegger GmbH | www.grassegger.net

Dilly Steuerberatung Empfang | © Grassegger GmbH

Grit. The quality Grit from IVC is equipped with an acoustic backing as standard. The simple design is appealing but not intrusive.

Project data

approx. 880 m²
Modulyss | IVC
Millennium NxtGen and Dune | Imperfection
Millennium NxtGen and Dune | Grit
Dilly Steuerberatung Büro | © Grassegger GmbH
City Life Fitnessstudio Meetup | © Grassegger GmbH

LVT. Through our partner IVC, we can also offer vinyl floors, which are ideal for fitness studios or therapy rooms.

City Life Fitnessstudio | © Grassegger GmbH
Steiner Steuerberatung Empfang  | © Grassegger GmbH Steiner Steuerberatung Büro | © Grassegger GmbH
Steiner Steuerberatung Aufenthaltsraum | © Grassegger GmbH

Dune. The subtle design is inspired by sand dunes on the west coast of Flanders. With ECONYL yarns and ecoBack, this quality can also score in terms of sustainability.

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